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RxPlus POS is a highly extensive and adaptable platform for the pharmacy of tomorrow. Whether you need a standalone pharmacy, RxPlus POS fits your needs. The modular design means that all the separate components work seamlessly as a single unified commerce system, through which you can manage your inventory, dispensing, stock and health & beauty items – all in one platform.

At TheBoredGuys Corp., we help you to automate your work process and moderate manual correspondence. Streamline your operations with a system that automates transactions, processes sales data to keep you up to date on inventory stock levels, generates reports for informed decision making and improves customer relationship management.

Advance Point of Sales
Inventory Control & Management
Purchase Order & Direct Receiving of Goods
Easily Keep Track Near Expiry Item
Integration Capability for any Accounting System

Stable, Secure & ComprehensivePOS software

RxPlus software is trusted by thousands of pharmacies & medical industries of all sizes. From small, medium to large retail chains.


Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

We provide a phenomenal user experience, so you can focus on running your business, while we host and manage the rest.


Full Control & Transparency

RxPlus collects all business data in real time as you process transactions and perform your operational duties.


Track your Sales & Growth

Analyze product sales using detailed analytics to optimize business growth and inform strategic decision-making.

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Point of Sales

Oasis RxPlus optimizes your point of sale and store operations. It is not only fast but easy to use and always accurate. Our intuitive point of sale window means your sales associates and cashiers will quickly learn how to ring up sales within minutes.

Furthermore, since all the information is captured in real-time, customer purchase history is always current, providing cashiers and sales associates the information necessary anticipate and meet their customer’s needs.

A single point of sale window processes all sales transactions including receipts, discounts, return/refund & payments.
Recaps any transaction & sales for any date range.
Interactive, intuitive POS assures rapid checkout time.

Inventory Management System

For all retailers, success depends on your ability to control your inventory. If your stores are out of stock, you will lose sales. If you are over-stocked, it will negatively impact your store’s cash flow.

Real-time updates allow you to reduce inventory across all locations and to correctly time your stock replenishment, creating a true omnichannel retail strategy.

Inventory screens show store and company totals on hand, on order, received, sold, and in-transit for each inventory item.
Better manage your inventory profitability with the automatic pricing option which calculates your initial retail prices based on pre-set markup from cost price.
Physical inventory reconciliation to ensure strong shrinkage controls.

Purchase Order & Receiving

RxPlus combines the accuracy of real-time information with powerful purchase order management tools that can successfully manage your business’s purchasing, receiving and distribution of your merchandise.

Instant updates across your business provide you with the critical information you need to be proactive in responding to potential stock issues. Avoid being either under-stocked or over-stocked by ordering merchandise with the confidence that you are ordering the optimum replenishment quantities.

Auto-order feature calculates suggested orders from the minimum and maximum stock levels and historical sales performance from any date range.
Generate a purchase order using the pre-set minimum and maximum stock levels on items and by location.
Improve your inventory control with instant knowledge of your purchase order status (open, pending and closed).

Sales & Inventory Reports

Knowledge is power and detailed reports give you better control over your business. It’s one thing to put information into a system, but it’s another to be able to get it out easily in a usable format.

Manage your inventory by comparing current sales with existing stock, and set automatic reorder levels. Track profitability trends by any variable such as department, brand, classification, store or season.

Inventory Reporting and Analysis
General Business Analysis
Advanced Point of Sale Reporting
Physical Inventory Reconciliation
Receiving Reporting and Analysis

Stock Transfer (In and Out)

As a retailer, your biggest business investment is the inventory in your warehouse and stores. Your ability to satisfy your customers by offering more products and delivering them faster to the stores is dependent upon combining powerful transfer management tools with real-time access to your inventory.

If one store location is running low or out of stock on a particular product, while a different store location has a higher quantity, transfer requests can be easily generated to have merchandise transferred from one location to another.

Use inter-store transfers to update both locations immediately upon issuing of the transfer, eliminating any back-office operations at the receiving store.
Better manage your inventory movements – use transfer requests to schedule future distribution.
In-transit transfer option can track your merchandise as it moves from your warehouse to your stores and vice versa.

Warehouse & Expiry Management

Ensuring your stores have the right stock at the right time is key to your bottom line. With easy-to-use and yet sophisticated distribution tools, RxPlus automates the day-to-day and seasonal demands of transferring merchandise to your stores.

Sell-through performance from any date range
Maximum quantity requirement (Min/Max)
Easily Keep Track Near Expiry Item
Replenishing & Forecasting
Automatically notify of below minimum Stocks

Marketing and Customer Loyalty

RxPlus is tooled for improving your store’s traffic and customer loyalty. Turn infrequent shoppers into faithful life-long customers by tempting them back into your store with exciting and satisfying purchase programs, such as frequent buyers clubs, coupon promotions, gift cards, and much more.

"Attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping one"

Increase your store traffic and repeat business with our buyers clubs, gift cards and on account customer loyalty programs.
Boost sales by analyzing and marketing to active customers, inactive customers, big spenders, category spenders, and numerous user defined customer attributes.
Adjust your receipt totals by offering quantity discounts and set prices as well as having additional merchandise automatically suggested to the customer.